A technological project aimed to increase the level of comfort for people with allergies and to emphasize the modern innovative image of the Arius brand. The project was aimed at those who forget anti-allergic pills at home or at work during the Allergy season.

October 2018 / G8
Innovative solutions in digital – Winner

September 2018 / Ad Black Sea
Innovation in digital & mobile – Shortlist

June 2018 / Silver mercury
Best innovation idea or concept & Best mobile marketing campaign – Silver
Medicine & Pharm – Bronze



People with allergies don’t want anything to interfere with their active image. Even with years of experience living with allergies, people periodically forget the medicine and suffer. According to studies, 52% of people periodically forget the drug. The key to the problem’s solution was a smartphone, as one of the most rarely forgotten objects in everyday life. We connected smartphone to a specially made pillbox (capsule) using iBeacon technology and a mobile application Aerius Control. Aerius Control “knows” when the capsule is out of sight and signals about it. Capsules were obtained when buying Aerius, in the materials and on the website users received a link the app in the App Store and Google Play. This activation helped to increase Aerius sales by 12

Advertising Agency: Digital BBDO
Client: Bayer