Domino’s Pizza and Geometry Global brought about Russia’s first project aimed at helping and protecting the country’s birds. ‘House of Crust’ saw Domino’s deliver their pizzas in a special box that easily transformed into a bird feeder throughout the height of winter.

house of crust dominos


Russian winters can be notoriously harsh with temperatures dropping to -30 degrees centigrade and 20 inches of snow on the ground. Although the birds are resilient, they struggle in these extreme conditions and if they don’t feed within the six hours of daylight, they will die overnight. When they run out of food reserves the snow makes it difficult to refill them and they are in dire need of any leftover food: for example, discarded pizza crusts.

Together with Geometry Global, Domino’s Pizza created a simple and functional solution – a pizza box which can be easily transformed into a bird feeder to store the pizza crust leftovers. A Domino’s pizza is ordered every second in Russia and so the company held the key to helping the birds. As well as an eye-catching design, the pizza box has a simple folding mechanism which enables customers to hook it to a tree.

Advertising Agency: Geometry Global Moscow, Russia. Chief Executive Officer: Lau Geckler. Chief Creative Officer: Howard Smiedt. Executive Creative Director: Oleg Tumanov. Head of Art: Anastasia Bukhonkina. Creative Director: Dmitry Evstropov. Account Directors: Anna Gusakova, Irina Makarova. Senior Art Director: Andrey Mousin. Copywriter: Artem Borovik. Art Director
: Vitaly Bagov. Producer: Nikita Divaeev. 3D Designer: Vladimir Blagiy. Senior Account Managers: Alexey Kostenko
, Elizaveta Smirnova, Mikhail Bulgakov. Illustrator: Alexandra Istratova. Traffic Director: Anna Pelipas. Digital Art Director: Tatiana Kuhl. Illustrator: Evdokiya Gasumyan. Lettering
: Ulia Kuznetsova. Stage Director: Alena Koukushkina.